PETER and the WOLF
Click on a picture and read the text next to it, so you can hear the music and read the text simultaniously. After a couple of texts you can see a button. Clicking that button results in hearing the music "till now" At the bottom you can click a button that lets you hear the whole story from the beginning till the end. If you paid attention you should be able to follow the storyline by hearing the music and that was the purpose. I've also added a Quiz for you to test your memory (right button on the bottom of the page) 
This all is only possible if you have a soundcard with "wavetable synthesizer", like the AWE 32/64, or if you play the music through a synthesizer attached to the computer. Many don't like the sound of MIDI-MUSIC. Don't blame the music, but your soundcard that doesn't "understand" MIDI.
Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin:
Early one morning, when grandfather was still asleep, Peter opened the gate and went out to the big green meadow, knowing very well that grandfather told him not to do that. But, as you know, not all children are as obedient as you are, my friend . . . ("grin")
(click on Peter to hear "his" music)
On a branch of a big tree sat a little bird, Peter's friend. "All is quiet, all is quiet!", chirpedthe bird gaily. Yes, all was quiet, even the small pond in the meadow was undisturbed
Just then a duck came waddling round. She was glad Peter hadn't closed the gate and decided to take a nice swim in the deep pond in the meadow. Seeing the duck, the little bird flew down upon the grass, settled next to her and shrugged his shoulders
 "What kind of bird are you, if you can't fly?", said he. To this the duck replied: "What kind of bird are you, if you can't swim?" and dived into the pond. They argued and argued, the duck swimming in the pond and the little bird hopping along the shawl
Suddenly something caught Peter's attention: it was a cat crawling through the grass. The cat thought: "The bird is busy arguing, I'll just grab him.". Stowfully, she crept towards him on her velvet paws. "Look out!", shouted Peter and the bird immediately flew up into the tree. While the duck quaked angrily at the cat from the middle of the pond. The cat walked around the tree and thought: "Is it worth climbing up so high? 
By the time I get there, the bird would have flown away...". Just then, grandfather came out. He was angry, because Peter had gone into the meadow. "It's a dangerous place! If a wolf should come out of the forest, then what would you do?". But Peter paid no attention to his grandfather's words. Boys like Peter aren't afraid of wolves. But grandfather took Peter by the hand, locked the gate and led him home, closing the gate

What happened till now

No sooner Peter had gone, then a big, grey wolf came out of the forest. In a twinkling, the cat climbed up into the tree. The duck quaked and in her excitement jumped out of the pond.
 But no matter how hard the duck tried to run, she couldn't escape the wolf. He was getting nearer... nearer... catching up with her... And then he got her and with one gulp swallowed her! 
 And now this is how things stood: The cat was sitting on one branch. The bird on another, not too close to the cat. And the wolf walked round and round the tree, looking at them with greedy eyes. 

The wolf comesand eats the duck

In the meantime, Peter, without the slightest fear, stood behind the closed gate, watching all that was going on. He ran home,got a strong rope and climbed up the high stone wall. One of the branches of the tree, around which the wolf was walking, stretched out over the wall. Grabbing hold of the branch, Peter lightly climbed over on to the tree. Peter said to the bird: "Fly down and circle round the wolf's head, only take care that he doesn't catch you!". The bird almost touched the wolf's head with its wings, while the wolf snapped angrily at him from this side and that. How that bird teased the wolf, how that wolf wanted to catch him!  But the bird was clever and the wolf simply couldn't do anything about it. Meanwhile, Peter made a lasso are carefully letting it down... and down... and down... caught the wolf by the tail and pulled with all his might. Feeling himself caught, the
 wolf began to jump wildly, trying to get loose. But Peter tied the other end of the rope to the tree. And the wolf's jumping only made the rope round his  tail tighter. Just then, the hunters came out of the woods,
 following the wolf's trail and shooting as they went. But Peter, sitting in the tree, said:"Don't shoot, birdie and I have already caught the wolf! Now help us taking him to the zoo!". 

Peter catches the wolfand the hunters come

 Now just imagine, just imagine the triumphant procession. Peter of the head. After him, the hunters, leading the wolf. And winding up the procession, grandfather and the cat. Grandfather shook his head discontentedly: "Where and if Peter hadn't caught the wolf, what then..?". Above them flew birdie, chirping merrily: "My, what brave fellows we are, ME and Peter ! Look what we have caught!".
And if one would listen carefully, he could hear the duck quaking inside the wolf, because the wolf, in his hurry, had swallowed her alive! 

The last partonce more

That was thrilling, wasn't it ? Except for the duck and the wolf, it was a happy ending after all.
And though grandfather was grumbling, at the same time he was VERY PROUD of his grandson of course. Now that you've red and heard the story twice in small peaces, you can click on the left button below, relax, close your eyes and listen to the whole peace at once. I'm almost certain that you are able now to "see before you" the whole story, listening to the music. If you can the composer (Procofiev) and the "creator" of this page (Hans van Riezen)  did not do all their work, making this beautifull Fairy tale especially for you  (as for me: several weeks) "for nothing".
Mister Procofiev doesn't live anymore, but you can make me happy by sending me an email, to tell me how you liked it.