Promenade along the first 4 Paintings

1) The promenadeis symbolic of walking from one picture to the next. The sauntering irregular walk along the works of art isgiven expression by the variation between 6/4 and 5/4 beat.The theme of the promenade returns 5 times in an always somewhat different form, thus expressing the feelings of the onlookers as they walk alongthe paintings
2) Gnomus
This piece of music was inspired by Hartmann's woodcarved nutcracker with an ugly, rumpled face. Mussorgsky made a crippled, deformed gnome out of it who is teased by the village youth

Art of one of my pupils
click for enlargement
3) Promenade (strolling from "Gnomus" to "The old Castle)
4)The Old Castle
Thanks to an architectural prize Hartman could travel through Western
Europe during the late sixties of the last century.He recorded  his activities in paintings of buildings and people and sent them to the homefront in Russia. He made it a habbit painting people before the buildings he created. Here in the moonlit landscape you can hear a bard playing a serenade on his flute by the old Castle.
(The picture isn't Hartmann's of course and the minstrel is me)

Click on the Castle for enlargement and work of art of some of my pupils and one of the "garden" (tuileries) By courtesy of Anne Brazil, music teacher from California
5) Promenade  (walking from "The Old Castle" to "The Tuilleries")
6) Tuilleries
To "brighten up" this water-colour of the famous Paris park, Hartmann (according to his habit, painting people by buildings)added a bunch of playing kids to it.You can hear their games and their (e)motions "loud and clear" in the music Mussorgsky made out of the painting